Vitiligo left you uninterested in life? Here’re 8 ways to overcome laziness

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Feeling ugly and depressed is the most common complaint that you receive from people who were recently diagnosed with vitiligo. No matter how much you might hate to know it, vitiligo often goes aggressive with the stress of trying too hard. And, that’s what you need to avoid.

It’s only natural to go through periods where you feel more self-conscious about your white patches. But, feeling constantly sad and not doing things you used to love before diagnosis (be it gyming, traveling or watching movies with friends) can only invite other autoimmune disorders (such as chronic high blood pressure, anxiety disorders) over. After weeks of not leaving your house, it’s time to call your best friend to talk about your fears.

Once you feel better, go back to your old, active life to overcome laziness. This won’t be a magical cure, but at least you will feel a major change and everything will remain the way it was. The modern lifestyle is not just composed and restricted to a screen, but has driven away an active zest for fun and play. Everyone needs a smartphone to survive the day. Kids are fed in front of the TV or silenced away with a smartphone. People chat on social media platforms to fight boredom and stay socially active. You need something beyond that.

It’s not only vitiligo. Maybe technological advancements, dwindling natural green spaces and individual driven lifestyles have made you static – an overworked mind in an under worked body. Vitiligo is just an excuse to go for a junk high, sugar-loaded diet with no exercise. No wonder if you are fighting a losing battle of health with growing stress levels every day with your spirits left high and dry.

What can you to overcome laziness in vitiligo?

So, what do you do to get away from such sedentary lifestyle and overcome laziness to take charge of your health? Drive lazy out of you. And, how would you do that? Well, this is how:

  1. Splash yourself up: Splash some cold water early morning as you get up and you are sure to feel the energy. The key is sparing some time to take care of your body needs.
  2. Clear your surroundings: Remove the clutter. It often declutters your mind and helps you fight the thoughts that bog you down.
  3. Watch what you eat: A balanced diet is not just nourishing but nurtures you. Dump the junk food to the healthy alternative – exchange a bag of chips with fresh cut fruits.
  4. Exercise: The body needs a workout to not just be in shape but to energize itself and overcome laziness for a more productive day ahead.
  5. Stay positive: A good pep talk and positive thoughts as you begin your day go a long way to fight lazy times and strange stares.
  6. Listen to peppy music: Music has a magical edge in uplifting your mood. Listen to happy, peppy music to lift your mood up instantly.
  7. Seek positive people out: Surround yourself with positive people, achievers. This is sure to rub off on you. Ensure you talk to others and share what your goals are. Exchange notes on what you like to do and you will find not just motivation, but a powerful tool for accountability that is sure to inspire you to achieve your goals.
  8. Sleep at least 8 hours: Your body needs rest to perform and fight unwanted negativity. Maintaining a regular 8 hours sleep cycle only rejuvenates your body to be ready for the next day’s work. Through nothing is proven so far, there is a possible connection between good sleep and vitiligo.

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