7 Movies with motivational lessons for vitiligo fighters

We all look for motivation in different things. Some of us turn to religion, while some look for inspiration in entertainment. Whether it’s a biopic, a sports film, or a tale of overcoming adversity, motion pictures can have a knack for inspiring us to do more and be more, even with vitiligo.

There are countless influential movies we could think of. We did the hard work for you and compiled a list of the inspirational movies vitiligo fighters should watch to stay motivated and live happier with vitiligo.

An all-time classic and probably the best hand-drawn animated film of all time, The Lion King tells a story of a lion cub, Simba whose eagerness to test his boundaries often gets him into trouble.

The Lion King has everything from youthful innocence to unexpected loss, all the things we experience in life. The story speaks of love, responsibility, courage, and strength. Featured songs like “Hakuna Matata” (a Kenyan phrase for ‘no worries’) and “I just can’t wait to be a King” aren’t just songs; they are philosophies.

Lessons learned: Worrying in vitiligo isn’t constructive. Do not dwell on the past and face your fears. You cannot change what happened to your appearance, but you can move towards a better future for yourself.

Peaceful Warrior is the story of Dan, a world-champion gymnast who wants to add some meaning to his life. An accident leads him to discover an enlightened way ahead.

Too often we let past dictate our future. Negativity in vitiligo prevents us from experiencing the moment. Peaceful Warrior simply reminds us to take some time to fully experience one thing at a time.

Lessons learned: Society loves to thrust limitations on vitiligo fighters, they only become true if you accept them. Everyone will tell you what to do and what’s good for you. But it’s you who has to find your own answers and listen to your heart.

The Pursuit of Happyness traces the journey of a salesman who undergoes defeats, challenges, and hardship to secure a happier tomorrow for his kid. Throughout his journey, Chris Gardner does not give up and stand firm to his goals.

Besides determination, self-belief, persistence and going after the dreams, the film also speaks strongly of a father’s love for his child.

Lesson learned: Life with vitiligo is not as easy as it sounds. Good or bad, never give up. This can help you be patient during your vitiligo treatment.

Lyla and Louis fall in love but are soon forced to separate. Lyla gives up her newborn to an orphanage. Unknown to her mother, Evan grows up to become a musical genius. August Rush is all about the power and mystery that is music, but more than that it is a movie about staying true to your belief.

Lesson learned: Keep the faith. Even the most difficult, or emotionally challenging experiences in life have a greater purpose to their existence. To embrace hope and positivity in vitiligo, we must make our beliefs our convictions. Repentance is a challenge in itself, but this is where faith comes in I guess.

Yes Man revolves around Carl Allen who challenges himself to say “Yes” to everything for a year. The movie reinforces the importance of having fun in life, fearing less and leading the life which you want to lead. After watching the film, you are bound to notice a positive change in you.

Lesson learned: Take a life a bit easier.One thing leads to another, and opportunities can come in any form. Say YES to all opportunities which come along. Face all challenges vitiligo throws at you and tackle them with humor and laughter.

Up is the story of Carle and Ellie whose love for adventure brings them together. After Ellie’s death, Carle decides to take on their long-pending dream to Paradise Falls along with Russell, a kid whose idea of adventure is little different. If you’re feeling low, Up will never fail to boost your mood for being full of feel-good moments.

Lesson learned: Life is way too short to fulfill all of our dreams. But, the best we can do is at least start ticking them off our bucket list one by one. Adventure is out there. You’re never too old to make your dreams come true and set another goal.

The true story of George VI, The King’s Speech traces the former King of England’s journey to overcome a debilitating stammer. The king suffers from a severe stutter which made public speeches excruciatingly difficult. Despite a severe case of nerves, we see him giving a resounding speech rallying the country to stand firm in the face of war. In the climax, along with the king, you experience resilience rushing through your veins.

Lesson learned: No one is perfect. Even the royals have mortifying moments and personal flaws. You too can conquer your obstacles. No matter what challenges vitiligo throws at you, it is you who permit others to treat you a certain way.

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