A Vitiligo Friendly Workplace – Watch Sephora’s new Employer Branding Story 

Sephora vitiligo story

For years, all great organizations have been pulling out all the stops with their employer branding campaigns. Such companies are investing in their employer branding stories, discovering new ways to tell an engaging story. Sephora, a global beauty brand recently released an employer brand story video, featuring an employee with vitiligo. 

This is the first time when an employer addressed a vitiligo fighter’s emotional need to be accepted. The employer brand video features Anthony – a Sephora employee, diagnosed with vitiligo at the age of 12. Coming to terms with the skin condition was tough for little Anthony who had to deal with a lot of teasing and lonely days. He was called different names, from a cow to a Dalmatian. Working at Sephora made all the difference in Anthony’s personal and professional life. 

Anthony’s Emotional Journey at Sephora

Anthony is a district loss prevention manager at Sephora. He has been working with the beauty brand for the last nine years. Anthony says Sephora is his happy place. When he got hired at Sephora, he was immediately accepted with open arms. No one ever saw him as being different – ” Sephora just really changed the way that I feel about myself. It’s not what you look like on the outside, but it’s what you have on the inside.”

Anthony and Jessica met at Sephora about eight years ago. Jessica was a beauty advisor at one of the Sephora stores. Anthony recalls this one happy enounter in the video, “I was the butt of all the jokes so there weren’t too many girls who were interested in me. So, when I saw Jessica for the first time, I was smitten. I never would have thought that we would have ended up here eight years later happily married with two kids.”

To know Anthony’s journey with Sephora, watch the full video below. 

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