Handbags to complete your look – SLING ’em on

D'Yonna Riley
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If you want to carry some things without letting your hands be too busy, sling bags are your answer! Your mobile phone, essential makeup products (especially if you don’t leave home without covering your vitiligo), apartment, and car keys and the book you’re reading… you can carry it all on your shoulder in your sling bag. All you need to do is to slip them into your bag and sling it on! Here are our favourite five styles of sling bags:

Jhola-style sling bags

They are arty, they are ethnic, and they are so adorable. The jhola-style sling bags breathe Indian-ness. With the elements of cloth, embroidery, mirrors, etc., these bags look great with clothes and accessories that have a touch of our land’s flavors.

College-style sling bags

From a denim finish to prints in a variety of moods and milieus, right from retro prints and graffiti in pop hues to international monuments in sepia tones, these sling bags are young, vibrant and so exciting.

Formal sling bags

Gone are the days when carrying a bag to work meant slinging on those typical leather purses. The options available today are so much more varied and versatile. Ladies can now carry a nice, spacious bag, with a long strap. These bags don’t only look fab, but are functional, too. You can either use them as a sling bag or a handbag, the choice is yours.

Clutch-cum-sling bags

It’s a sling bag…no, it’s a clutch…well, it’s both! These double up as a clutch and a sling bag. You can either sling it on your shoulder or wear it across your chest or alternatively, detach the strap as and when you feel like and use it as a clutch for a formal evening. They are rather small and elegant, so don’t stuff in a lot. Such bags could work for a coffee date in the evening and a romantic date by nighttime.

Haversack sling bags

If you are heading for a short trip or perhaps a college assignment, here’s your loyal companion — the haversack sling bag. With a number of sections and pockets in them, these bags are so cool and convenient to carry.

So, go from cool to corporate, and fun to formal…all with your sling bag!

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