10 Most Attractive Vitiligans (2019) – Men

Paying a huge part in the body positivity movement, many men with vitiligo are challenging the society’s perception of beauty. They are exhibiting the power of confidence by flaunting their vitiliginous skin on social media and public events. These are men who are inspiring not only vitiligo fighters but everyone with low-self esteem to love the skin they’re in (figuratively).

For our second annual roundup of the most attractive vitiligans (Men edition), we were in touch with more than 1200 vitiligo fighters worldwide (excluding candidates). Out of them, 500+ participated in an electronic survey and voted for their favorite candidates. More than 75 influencers that are too attractive to be missed were shortlisted as candidates for the survey.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and ‘attractiveness’ is a very subjective notion. So, we asked all 500+ voters to vote for their preferred candidates, keeping their confidence level, positive attitude, likability, presentation skills and creativity in mind. Let’s see who made to the list of 10 Most Attractive Vitiligans (2019) – Men.

10. Jett Sladden

Now that Jett Sladden has started making waves in the modeling industry, his former classmates who once called him names and didn’t want to sit with him must be cringing about their actions. Jett who has turned into this gorgeous and stylish man owns a food business as well as a delivery service in Brooklyn. Now 22, the New Yorker had his first encounter with vitiligo at the age of 8.

Jett Sladden
Pic Courtesy: Jett Sladden’s Intagram Account

9. Tarik B

He is ripped; he is chiseled and he is Germany’s only representative on the list. A fashion model, and fitness trainer by profession, Tarik is definitely proud of his vitiliginous skin. With his rippling muscles and jaw-dropping good looks, the chiseled hunk can certainly help you awaken a fitness enthusiast within you.

Pic Courtesy: Tarik B’s Intagram Account

8. Alec King

London is the city where Alec’s career in broadcast TV media started. Today, working as a full-time model, he can be seen on many billboards around the same city.

Our favorite fashion guru, Alec has become an example that beauty comes in many different guises. Apart from walking the ramp in London Fashion Week and being part of 2 BBC Features, Alec has been featured in many body positivity stories in media. “I honestly feel that the art is why I have the confidence and strength to live my true self unapologetically,” quoted the beautiful British model.

Alec King
Pic Courtesy – Andy Heathcote (@andyheathcote)

7. Omar Quentin Ford

Omar, a 29-year-old nurse, and model is the combination of that beautiful face, great body, the best sense of style and oodles of confidence. The New York native has been an ambassador and spokesperson for Zanderm. He owns a Facebook page (Vitiligo Living) and a YouTube channel through which he encourages people with vitiligo to love themselves.

A new entrant in the list, Omar has over 40K+ followers on Instagram.

Omar Quentin Ford
Pic Courtesy – Omar Quentin Ford’s Instagram Account

6. Jovan Wood

Jovan was diagnosed with vitiligo when he was 10 years old. But, Washington, DC native handled strange stares and unkind remarks creatively. Using his great taste in fashion, he soon became too popular to be made fun of. Apart from modeling full time, Jovan has an affiliation with a Go-go band called SMG. Last year, he was featured in a photo shoot with fellow vitiligo crusader, Mariah Perkins, which went viral and got both vitiligans hundreds of Instagram shoutouts.

Jovan Woods
Pic Courtesy – Photography by Emmanuel’s Instagram Account

5. Shankar Jalota

Shankar caught everyone’s attention after being featured in Brock Elbank’s well-received vitiligo portrait series. What followed were hundreds of Instagram shoutouts and influencer marketing assignments with Rebecca Violette and Remington UK.

After being featured in Conker Magazine and numerous web articles, the British Indian model is using social media to share the powerful message of self-acceptance via ‘#1for1 campaign. A model and vitiligo awareness activist, Shankar is best known as the ‘Vitiligo Man’ within the community.

Photography by @thejdfstudios

4. Mahmoud Hassan

Mahmoud’s face is the most calming, and serene thing to see in Cairo. At present, the adventure enthusiast is engaged as Hiker Player with ‎Decathlon, Egypt. An occasional model, Mahmoud is also working as a Ski Instructor with Ski Egypt.

We all know that wavy hair is sexy and those who have the confidence to rock it rightly so deserves the fourth spot on the list. FYI – Mahmoud Hassan is the highly ranked debutant of the list.

Mahmoud Hassan
Pic Courtesy: Mahmoud Hassan’s Intagram Account

3. Curtis J McDaniel

Curtis McDaniel has the kind of Instagram account you stalk when you are having a bad day. The New Yorker is simply gorgeous, so we understand why voters voted him for the 3rd spot. Curtis’ vitiligo story has been told by many media outlets like CNN, The Sun, and MTV.

The American model, who was diagnosed with vitiligo at the age of 11, was recently featured in an edition of Vogue.

Curtis J McDaniel
Pic Courtesy: Curtis J McDaniel’s Instagram Account

2. Moostapha Saidi

Moostapha rose to fame after being featured in Vogue Italia’s ‘Welcome to the Table’ series. His photographs from the shoot went viral and Moostapha and his unique vitiligo patterns caught everyone’s attention right away.

The South African model continues to get numerous Instagram shoutouts every day. Reason? Moostapha’s recent collaboration with photographer Justin Dingwall on a series of images – ‘A Seat at the Table’ that speak to themes of perspective and perception. The beautiful black model held the 4th spot on the list in 2018.

Picture Courtesy – Vogue Italia and Justin Dingwall

1. Sam Goncalves

There’s something about a guy with curly hair that is irresistible. Sam has been featured in many advertising campaigns, fashion shows, and international photo shoots. The Brazilian hunk is currently associated with squadbrazil modeling agency as a skin positivity influencer.

Raw yet stylish, Sam knows how to rule a runway. This is the boy you dream of meeting on your trip to Brazil for sure. Perhaps that’s why he has topped the list of the Most Attractive Vitiligans (Men) for the second time.

Sam Gonçalves
Pic Courtesy: Sam Gonçalves’ Instagram Account

Vitiligans who almost made to the list were:
• Darius Vernon, Model
• Faried Molai, Entrepreneur
• Akin Cavalcante, Model

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