Hope for The Next Generation – Kid Models with Vitiligo 

Kid Models with Vitiligo 

Kids are innocent! When they don’t find themselves in books and movies, they feel alienated. Being a kid with vitiligo is a struggle on its own right. But, when you live with the added pressure of bullying due to your visual difference, it gets hard to aspire to do what you want to do as a child. Having said that, we have some talented kids around us who never embraced the awkward phase of letting vitiligo dictate their lives.

Below mentioned are some kid models with vitiligo that are taking the world—and the internet—by storm. They have cultivated a following for themselves. Indeed, they are inspiring and motivating not only other kids with vitiligo but also for teenagers and adults with the chronic skin disorder.

Diana | Russia 

In this blog, we are profiling some extraordinary kids with vitiligo that are doing extraordinary things. Diana, a child model from Moskovskaya Oblast, Russia, hopes to inspire others by showing beauty can be different. Her followers on social media appear to agree with her ethos – ‘You are so beautiful! Never let anybody treat you otherwise’. Diana appears to be well on her way to achieving her dream, having already landed many modeling jobs in her home country Russia.

Samuel Silva | Brazil 

Samuel is nearly 6 years old, living with Piebaldism (vitiligo on the forehead). This inspiring young man has been raised in an impoverished Brazilian favela where he wants to bring everybody’s attention to vitiligo. Samuel has already been featured in editorials and magazine features. He has been interviewed for TV shows nationwide to throw some spotlight on Piebaldism and vitiligo, to make the world stand up and take note.

The rising star will soon be walking the ramp in London Kid’s Fashion Week, representing vitiligo on the global stage. Samuel, who debuted in the modeling world with Sao Paulo Fashion Show, loves posing for pictures, dancing and making faces.

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