4 Healing Affirmations for your Vitiligo Journey

Anshul Singh vitiligo

When vitiligo came knocking at my door, it barged right in, bringing tons of baggage. Each of my battles with vitiligo was long fought, but through it all, one of the most powerful tools I discovered were positive affirmations.

As someone who now assists young vitiligo fighters in finding self-love, people often ask me what affirmations I used to steer my mood in the right direction. Well, here, they are. The following affirmations encouraged me to bounce back onto the road of positivity when acute feelings of hardship arose. Use them as often as possible, and observe all the big changes that come into your life.

1. I am diagnosed, not defeated

I have to admit that during a few years of my vitiligo diagnosis, I was often frustrated. Although I had vitiligo, I was not going to let vitiligo have me. I needed to get out of my emotional rut and not allow vitiligo to defeat me. Being the kind of person who believed that I could handle anything that came my way, I wanted to remind myself that I am diagnosed with vitiligo but that is not a defeat unless I allow it to be.

Vitiligo is just not big enough to take over my incredible life. I am seeing myself atop a mountain, in radiant health, vitiligo does not interrupt my dreams. Using my dreams and visualizing my future, I will have each day as a victory over vitiligo.

2. I am beautifully human

Before I was diagnosed with vitiligo, I felt confident that I could handle anything that came my way. But experiencing the diagnosis and many failed attempts to cure vitiligo forced me to acknowledge that I cannot do it all, all the time. I am human, and that’s a beautiful thing. The important thing to remember is what lives with me, vitiligo included, is not bad. I will not be frightened by it.

3. While I spend time befriending my vitiligo, we are not enemies, but teammates.

With each day, I am finding that vitiligo diminishes in its power, and I am not fearful of living. I have put things into perspective — my bag contains my sunblock and must be close to me all times. I often pause and recognize that my lifestyle changes are adjustments, no signs of defeat.

4. I Am Stronger With Help

As a strong-willed person, I believe that I can figure things out on my own. Thus, I am inclined to avoid asking for help whenever possible. Unfortunately, this way of thinking and living with vitiligo don’t mix well.

I can’t count how many times I needed some compassion and understanding. Years ago, needing help from others and asking for it was one of the hardest aspects of living with vitiligo for me. But, things have changed a bit now. However, whom I share my vitiligo journey with is still my choice. I protect myself from negative people by choosing wisely.

How to make most of these affirmations

Make use of alone time during the day, even while in the washroom, to speak your affirmations softly. Make good use of driving time.

Be creative. Find a way to do it. Turn the radio off and speak your affirmations strongly and with conviction as you drive. Pay attention to how you feel as you say your affirmations. Adjust your feelings to get positive intention into your voice.

I also recommend recording your affirmations. Listening to your affirmations out loud, recorded in your own voice is the most effective way to live happier with vitiligo.

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