6 Ways to improve Self-Esteem in Vitiligo

vitiligo self-esteem

Self-esteem serves as a foundation for living happier with vitiligo. Without high self-esteem, you’ll have trouble in going out, excelling at schools or speaking in public forums. You’ll wonder why your relationships are failing; why you feel disconnected from reality. But, when your self-esteem level is high, you can take on vitiligo’s fiercest challenges, and you know how to trust your thoughts, ideas, and directions.

But, with strange stares and unkind remarks, the self-doubt kicks in and your self-esteem hits rock bottom. Scared? Well, don’t be. You have us. To improve your self-esteem, you must practice these six pillars even when you emotionally don’t feel like it.

1. Living consciously

Living consciously means you’re always just as conscious as you need to be for any particular situation. For example, if you’re playing with your child on the floor, you should be conscious enough to make sure you’re always playing safely with your child. In other words, live life with nobody sitting at the wheel in your brain.

2. Self-acceptance

Self-acceptance means to be on your own side. You should never be at war with yourself and your inner feelings. So, stop blaming yourself for trying a treatment that has aggravated your vitiligo.

3. Self-responsibility

Practicing a self-responsibility means holding yourself accountable for your actions, behaviors, and relationships. If you are socially isolated, you are responsible for that, not your vitiligo.

4. Self-assertiveness

Self-assertiveness means to honor your needs, wants and values and determining the best ways to express them in reality. It’s the complete opposite of living in fear of confrontation and always worrying about what others think about your dappled appearance.

5. Living purposefully

The fifth pillar of self-esteem is living purposefully. To live without purpose is to live at the mercy of chance. It is goals that can drive you forward, lead you to happiness and keep those vitiligo worries at bay. When you’re living your life purposefully, you’re using all of your unique powers to accomplish your goals. Living purposefully does also mean living productively.

6. Personal integrity

The sixth pillar of self-esteem is practicing personal integrity – what do you believe in, what sort of standards you hold for yourself, what are your ideals and convictions. When you don’t live your life according to your personal values, beliefs, and convictions, you slowly kill off your self-esteem deep down.


Since our actions influence self-esteem and our self-esteem influences our actions, we must step in and break the loop. If you’ve been living your life without practicing these six pillars, then you’ve been going in the opposite direction. The good news is that it’s never too late to start building your self-esteem and live happier with vitiligo.

Your beliefs about yourself are important. You’re a higher value to yourself, and you have the right to honor your needs. Your life belongs to you, and you weren’t placed on this earth to live up to other people’s expectations. The sooner you start practicing the six pillars, the sooner you can begin growing your self-esteem and start enjoying incredibly positive ripple effects that it has to offer.

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