6 best ways to kick Blues after noticing a new vitiligo patch

noticing a new white patch

You were on the verge of owning and embracing your vitiligo. But then, you notice the emergence of a new white patch on your body or face, and you are back to square one. The self-motivation and positivity, which got into accepting your vitiligo get wasted and useless. I can tell you from my own experience; it feels like running to mountains for not being able to see any human again.

Even though you always suspected it to happen, it is okay to feel down. Who can blame you? Days of socializing, walking down the street confidently (without worrying about strange stares) and not wearing any vitiligo cover up can leave anybody wanting to go back in time.

However unpleasant it may be, these blues can be overcome with some perspective, lessons learned from vitiligo and a little self-care. Here are 6 best ways to kick blues after noticing a new vitiligo patch.

1. De-clutter your surroundings.

Try to streamline your surroundings. Try not to surround yourself with too many pre-vitiligo memories. Collect them in a box and keep them back to the attic. It’s not about getting rid of everything important to you but clearing the space to get a new perspective.

2. Embrace healthy habits.

Having a workout routine (if you weren’t exercising before) or modifying the existing one can help you be in shape and reduce stress. Here are 5 At Home Workouts to Lose Belly Fat.

Inclining toward healthy foods will also help pull your mood back. Choose fresh foods low in fat and add a veggie to every meal. Look after your water consumption as well.

3. Expose to the sun.

Spend time in natural daylight (in the morning) rather than shutting away under strip lighting. This can help you fight Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and boosts your mood (with the release of endorphins). If you can’t spend your days at the beach, you can still keep some time aside for a half-hour brisk walk in the sun (of course in the morning).

4. Arrange for some ME-time.

The fun doesn’t have to end with a new vitiligo patch. In fact, it can be used to make positive changes in your life. Do little ME things to soften the harshness of coming back to reality. Have something nice planned, all for you. It can be as simple as having a pampering massage or just seeing a good, old friend who loves you, with or without vitiligo. It will help you ease the transition.

5. Carry a memory to work.

If you’re worried that you might have a hard time adjusting to being back at work again, having a positive quote at your desk might make that transition a little smoother. Even small, easy-to-pack items like a holiday photograph or your favorite gift can help reduce the sense of being away from harsh reality. Imagining being in a fun, happy place is often enough to relieve stress and anxiety at the workplace.

6. Revisit your memories.

Once you settle back into routine, reserve some time to look through all the memories, you captured throughout years. Going back through old photos and videos can evoke a sense of nostalgia, which research shows can enhance your mood. Pick the most memorable moments and share them on social media.

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