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Isn’t it usually a given that a lady is expected to dress up and look stunning for her man, and especially so on special occasions such the first date.  Well, let’s admit, the poor guy spends way too much time (and, at times moolah, too) over making this day really beautiful for his lady love. In the bargain, he actually doesn’t put in as much effort in rocking his look for the evening. But, not this year.

Boys, here’s how you can make the day even more memorable — dress up and look your best, just for your lady. Keep these things in mind:

For a casual evening

If you’re headed for an easy evening, something like drinks and bar snacks (or perhaps an all-day affair), keep your clothes casual and comfortable. A pair of clean, well-fitting jeans will give that easy mood instantly. Pair your jeans with a smart t-shirt, or a button-down shirt (without a tie, of course), and you’re set.

For a semi-formal evening

In case, the mood is a little formal, you can either wear a formal shirt with trousers, or t-shirt-and-blazer with jeans combo. A waist-coat could be a rather interesting and smart twist to the look. Marry the shirt and waistcoat combination with a pair of jeans.

For a formal evening

A formal evening, with wine and fine dining, demands a dapper look, which means that you need to suit up. If you’re planning to go the blazer way, opt for a plain shirt, and not a printed one, please.


Coordinate your watch, belt and shoes with your clothes. Tie it up and don’t forget your cuff links, if it’s a formal evening. If you’re going the casual way, you can even wear a nice neck piece (especially if you’re wearing a tempting V-neck t-shirt!). If you’re planning to ditch the watch, sport a fashionable and trend bracelet instead.

Et al: Women love men who smell good. So, it’s a given that you’re going to wear her favorite fragrance on the day. Hair that is well-styled and a well-shaven look (if you have a beard, keep it neat) are few more musts.

So, this Valentine’s Day, look special and make her happy by putting in as much effort. And, don’t forget to wear, or rather carry, the most important thing among it all — a loving and chivalrous you — because nothing is more impressive than a well-mannered man and nothing is more special than a man who truly loves and adores his lady.

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