My Thoughts on Winnie Harlow’s Sun Care Brand CAY Skin

Winnie Harlow Cay Skin

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It’s been a while (March this year) since Winnie Harlow launched her skin care brand, CAY Skin. However, I recently got to test the products from the brand for the first time. Given that I have been living with vitiligo since 2016, sun protection is extremely important to me. I love spending time in the sun each day. However, after a certain point, I don’t feel like reapplying sunscreen on my skin to avoid sunburn. Hence, I needed a skin care brand that could understand my unique skin needs.

What should you know about CAY Skin

It is clear to me that Harlow has long understood the importance of wearing sunscreen. She was motivated to create the brand after an outdoor photoshoot, which left her with a severe burn. And, I am guessing vitiligo had a lot to do with this sunburn. “It really started from me having vitiligo and my parents being so adamant about me wearing sunscreen,” Harlow herself dropped the “V” word during promotion of her product line. The 27-year-old supermodel has used own experience with vitiligo to fuel her beauty venture. Fun fact: The name CAY was inspired by the Caribbean beaches that represent Harlow and her roots.

My thoughts on face lotion by CAY Skin

So far, the new skin care brand includes body oil, mineral face lotion, lip balm, and face glow lotion. All products from the range are dermatologist-tested, 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and reef safe.

Among these, I used face lotion (product name: Isle Glow Body Lotion SPF 45), which I personally found extremely hydrating – something all vitiligo fighters with large patches of vitiliginous skin need before going to sun. It moisturized my skin really well. It applied much smoother and was easy to spread on the body. The “instant island glow without the glitter” was the other thing that took me by surprise. I recommend it. It is a skincare brand for everyone under the sun who wants to protect themselves from harmful UV radiation.

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