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Leleti Khumalo to help people embrace their vitiligo

Leleti Khumalo

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Leleti Khumalo who rose to fame for her leading role in Hotel Rwanda (2004) has decided to embrace her vitiligo. Speaking to Drum Magazine about her skin condition, the actress revealed that she came to know about her vitiligo at the age of 19.

The TV star and producer says losing a child (in 2012) while living with vitiligo was one of the hardest things she’s ever had to experience. With her husband’s unwavering support and love, she finally got through that dark time and accepted her vitiligo. She has gained strength and confidence throughout the years and has decided not to cover vitiligo with makeup, especially considering that she’ll now be acting on etv’s latest show – Imbewu. You will see Leleti embracing her individuality on the show.

Many of us who have always seen her with camouflage makeup now know that she is one of the famous celebrities with vitiligo who has the right reach to educate people about the chronic skin disorder. Leleti has revealed that she’ll soon be doing educational talks on vitiligo to debunk common myths associated with vitiligo. Responding to a fan (on Twitter) who thanked her for speaking out on vitiligo, the actress said it was important not to feel ashamed.

Key takeaway

As many as 1% of the world population is living with vitiligo that can cause anxiety, depression, and many psychosocial issues. The good news is that today, “imperfect” skin doesn’t need to be hidden away. When your skin isn’t looking its best, working hard to hide any imperfections is a natural reaction. Of course, you don’t want people to ask questions and stare. But sometimes, doing so can make you lose sight of who you really are. When you are not wearing makeup, you feel free.

Thanks to celebrities like Leleti Khumalo who speak with so much passion about vitiligo and their experiences of living with it. They are indeed helping us to be brave enough to embrace who we are!

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