Brock Elbank concludes widely celebrated Vitiligo Portrait Series

Brock Elbank's Vitiligo Series

Ace photographer Brock Elbank has recently shot his 63rd and last portrait for his “Vitiligo” series that celebrated the beauty of the human form. With minimalist, high-contrast portraits, Elbank highlighted the beauty of asymmetrical vitiligo patterns, documenting each individual’s unique face and body.

Since all good things come to an end. So, Elbank’s 22 months long photoshoot project (that garnered media’s affection worldwide) was wrapped up with his 63rd portrait with Edward Hincks. The announcement about the conclusion of the series was made on the artist’s Instagram account.

With applications from all over the world, Elbank’s Vitiligo Photo Series captured the beauty of people with vitiligo from United States, Brazil, Austria, Finland, Germany, England, Sweden, and Italy – just to name a few. And, the results were inspiring, especially for those who participated in the shoot.

Leroy, a rapper, told us (during an interaction with us for our Vitiligo Crusader series) how empowering it has been for him to be shot by the London-based photographer: “I was contacted by Brock Elbank via Instagram. He told me that he was doing a photographic series on vitiligo. He invited my kids and me to his home and introduced us to his kids. He took some professional shots of my hands, arms, and face. Brock has people fly to the UK from all over the world. I felt so privileged that he chose me for his series and made me look at my vitiligo in a different light.”

Art has the power to connect diverse people and spread a strong message of equality. And, skin seems to be Elbank’s favorite subjects. After doing a series on tattoos, freckles, and birthmarks, Elbank decided to pay tribute to the beauty of vitiligo. The photographer seems to have a real fascination for faces with beautifully unique skin patterns.

Interested participants could email the talented photographer to receive a reply with the details. Anyone with vitiligo (any age, gender, and ethnicity) was welcome to fly to South East London where the series was shot.

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