Retro Fashion Trends – Old is the new ‘New’

Winnie Harlow
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“History repeats itself,” “old is gold,” we all are familiar with these phrases. But ever wondered how it all actually levels up for Fashion? We have often witnessed that Fashion is just a cycle and new styles and designs are often based on what was hot in the past. Today let’s revisit some classic vintage fashion trends that are blazing the runway and making inroads into every fashionista’s closet. Yes, ladies, it’s time to add a dash of vintage to your wardrobe.

From Brigitte Bardot’s beehive to Mary Quant’s geometric prints, every fashion icon contributed their own signature style to their reigning decade. The era, long gone, still provides today’s designers with an endless source of inspiration. Even high end/street brands and shops are getting inspired from the Vintage Era. We should have seen it coming when the bold, bright red lipstick was not only worn for special occasions but became a part every day’s beauty regime.

Brigitte Bardot’s Beehive

The Beehive is a woman’s hairstyle in which long hair is piled up in a bouffant on the top of the head to form a halo of sorts, elongating the face, resembling a traditional beehive. The trend once started by Brigitte Bardot in 1960s still inspires the modern day beauties. You too can try it for a get-together or just a casual day out!

Mary Quant’s Geometric Prints

We seem to be in love with the swinging 60s! Should have guessed, that the trend started by Mary Quant will wriggle its way to the present! These days fashion stores are bombarded with geometric prints in every form possible. Printed bottoms, dresses, tops, sarees and even footwear, the trend is definitely a rage amongst the fashionistas! I

The Bell Bottom Boom

Bell Bottoms seemed to come in and ride out with the decade’s flare-wearing counterculture, but 2015 saw their dramatic revival with Freida Pinto wearing them everywhere. Pair them up with platform boots that stand out beneath the bell, and you are all set to make a statement.

A Little bling for those tresses!

Remember those Swarovski studded super elegant headpieces from The Great Gatsby? Although it’s a period drama, the trend still prevails. Whether it’s a Crystal Bridal Headpiece or Rhinestone Headband, the impact is undoubtedly being reflected in the way we accessorize our hair today. It not only creates beautiful and elegant hairdos but also gives the quintessential glitter to any mundane day.

The 80’s Punk Rock Chic

A leather jacket was essentially the official uniform of punk rock subculture in the 1980s. Today, it’s a closet staple that still gives any outfit that rocker-chic edge. It’s equally popular amongst both the sexes. Pair it up with a plain white shirt/top, and you are all set to rock and roll! So bring out those bomber jacket guys! Well, at least there is something we can thank the 80s for!

Retro Floral Pumps

What could be more fabulous than floral? Nothing says vintage and feminine like a soft floral print or rosette detail. Pair them with something effortless or with a contrasting print to express your fun fabulous and fearless side

Now that you have a little vintage fashion bible in front of your eyes why don’t raid your mother’s old trunks? You’ll find a treasure trove of trends you can adopt. Else online stores could be your next BFF.

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