5 Poems on Vitiligo that’ll break your Heart and put it back together

vitiligo poems

Rejections and heartbreaks from unwanted remarks and strange stares are part of many vitiligo fighters’ self-love journey. Since poetry frequently explores the pain, it’s no surprise that there could be a poetess like Kinjal Sanghavi who has explored the psyche of a vitiligo fighter through her poems.

Being a vitiligo crusader herself, Kinjal is empowered with a gift of writing poems on vitiligo. We’ve selected her 5 heartwarming poems that express and portray a wide range of emotions vitiligo fighters do feel before finding self-love.

While some of these poems on vitiligo can break your heart (as they exhibit bitter truth), some will leave you feeling inspired. Whatever you take away from them, they are definitely worth your time. Read on.


I am witty.
I am smart.
I am funny.
I am sarcastic.
I am an artist.
I am creative.
I am beautiful.
I am sexy.
I am strong.
I am kind.

Unfortunately, you didn’t notice anything.

Unfortunately, you didn’t experience anything.
’cause you only focused on my –


Our life is full of hurdles.
Then too we overcome it with courage.
But, the biggest hurdle comes
At a time of settling down.

We prefer a partner with a similar appearance.
But, becomes very difficult to find.

We start looking for different options.
A person whose vitiligo is not visible
Refuses it due to visibility.
A person who wears a prosthesis
refuses it due to appearance.
A person who has a minor disability
refuses it to even meet.

We get frustrated, demotivated and shattered.

But, always have trust in God.
He must have surely written a script for us.
Though, currently, we are going through tragedy.
But there will be sure.
Tonnes of happiness for us all.


Everything in your life will not happen
according to your wish.
So, learn to adjust yourself to the circumstances.

Everyone in your life will not behave
according to your expectations.
So, learn to adjust yourself with double faced people.

Every crisis in your life will not take place
according to your comforts.
So, learn to adjust yourself to the sudden changes.

If you learn the technique of adjustment.
You can easily sail in every tide of your journey
without anger, regrets and frustration.

I didn’t let

During school days, I was stared by all.
I thought it’s their innocence.
So, I didn’t let my sparkle to fade.

During college life, I was treated like an alien.
I thought it’s a consequence of my appearance.
So, I didn’t let my sparkle to fade.

During job interviews, I was sidelined.
I thought it’s their bad luck.
So, I didn’t let my sparkle to fade.

During my job, I was treated as an odd one out.
I thought it’s their illiteracy.
So, I didn’t let my sparkle to fade.

During social functions, I was harassed.
I thought it’s their ritual.
So, I didn’t let my sparkle to fade.

Millions of times, I cursed my destiny.
I thought cribbing is just a waste of time.
So, I didn’t let my sparkle to fade.

During many nights, I was shattered.
I thought it’s irrelevant to bother about the society.
So, I didn’t let my sparkle to fade.

During my journey,
I learned to only focus on my dreams.
So, my sparkle never got faded.


What you have in your life…
is precious.
Your caring family
is precious.
Your close friends
are precious.
Your work
is precious.
Your health
is precious.
Your hobbies
are precious.
Your laughter
is precious.
Your happiness
is precious.

Don’t cry for the things which you don’t have.
Don’t crib for the things which you cannot afford.
Instead, take pride in what you possess.
Because they are…

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