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Caregiver Corner – 5 Joys to share with a vitiligo fighter this Christmas

Christmas joy

The holidays are all about excitement, family gatherings and exchanging gifts. But if you’re caring for a loved one who just had his/her first encounter with vitiligo, it can also be a time of increased stress in the household.

However, with some considerations, the holidays can still be a great source of pleasure, for you and the vitiligo fighter. Here are a few holiday engagement ideas that can be lots of fun for your loved one even if he/she is taken aback by unpredictable future ahead.

1. Making Holiday plans together

Involve your loved one in your plans for festivities. For example, asking someone his opinion on the Christmas dinner menu may seem trivial to you, but it could mean the world to someone who might be fighting an emotional battle without even talking about it. Ask him/her to take part in decorations by telling what he/she likes the most among holiday cards, photos, garlands, hand-drawn pictures, or flowers.

2. Creating a festive atmosphere

If the person has friends visiting him/her often, bring some holiday cheer to his/her room. A simple way to liven up a drab room is by placing photos and holiday cards on the window ledge or taping them up on the wall. Again, don’t force it. Else, it will remind the person that you are doing it all out of sympathy. Trust me; no vitiligo fighter wants that.

3. Indulging in fun activities, together

Build on past traditions and focus on activities that are meaningful to the vitiligo fighter. Gather around the stereo to listen to his/her favorite tunes. Sing holiday songs together or plan a movie night with popcorn, extra pillows, and warm blankets to cuddle under. Surprise your loved one with any of these activities. This way, the entire experience will be surprising as well memorable.

4. Reminiscing happy times

You can bring comfort and joy by sharing your experiences – whether it’s in form of singing or recalling funny stories. Ask the person to share his/her happy Christmassy experiences. Reminiscing about days gone could be an emotional ride for the vitiligo fighter. Allow those emotions to come out. A warm hug from you can fix the emotional response.

5. Creating memories that last forever

You can always record video holiday greetings from friends or family members that you can play during the Christmas celebration. It will surely brighten the vitiligo fighter’s day and lift his/her spirit, knowing that so many people still love him/her and being diagnosed with vitiligo didn’t change anything.

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