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    4 Incidents that exemplified Insensitivity toward Vitiligo

    Insensitivity towards Vitiligo

    We often give little credit to photographers, painters, muralists, and artists for celebrating some of our more common ‘imperfections’, including vitiligo. But, why some people appear to be offending vitiligo fighters over and over is beyond us. In fact, there have been times when people miss the mark and push for skin diversity in the […] More

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    What is Confetti Vitiligo? Know More.

    confetti vitiligo

    Today, we are going to talk about confetti-like vitiligo, commonly known as confetti vitiligo. You’re probably wondering what it is. Confetti-like vitiligo is an extremely rapidly progressing type of vitiligo. In confetti-like vitiligo, confetti-like lesions are found at the edges of existing lesions that reflect acute damage to melanocytes (mature melanin-forming cells in the skin) […] More

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    7 Ways to Improve Self Image in Vitiligo

    Maika Celi

    Today, we are going to explain the idea that every vitiligo fighters should learn right after their vitiligo diagnosis. Dr. Maxwell Maltz said it was the greatest psychological discovery of his generation; it’s the self image. Self image differs from self-esteem even though they are closely related. Self-esteem is how you FEEL about yourself while […] More

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    Vitiligo and Pregnancy – What all you need to know and do?

    does Pregnancy cause vitiligo

    Vitiligo is a skin disorder that is widely accepted as an autoimmune disease. It is often presumed to be linked to autoimmune activity directed against melanocytes. Many autoimmune disorders are reported to get better during pregnancy. This could be one of the reasons why a majority of vitiligo fighters report that their vitiligo had improved/remained […] More

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    Ariana Grande’s new music video Boyfriend normalizes Vitiligo

    ariana grande boyfriend music video

    Ariana Grande’s new song and music video ‘Boyfriend’ is genuinely incredible for many reasons. It’s fun, sweet, violent yet VERY naughty. Ariana’s new single with the duo Social House (Mike/Mikey Foster and Scootie Anderson) is very special for all vitiligo fighters as well who have been craving to get represented in mainstream music videos for […] More

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    Vitiligo in News | July 2019

    Vitiligo News July 2019

    Recently the federal government of the United States announced the recipients of the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE). Dr. John E. Harris was included in the distinguished recipients of PECASE 2019. The PECASE is the highest honor that is conferred to scientists and engineers who are beginning their independent research careers, […] More

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    Accessorize your Short Hair with Aplomb

    D'Yonna Riley

    So, when you decided to get your hair cut short, did you think it was the end of your love affair with oh-so-gorgeous hair accessories? Well, think again, because short hair does not mean goodbye to colorful fascinators, attractive headbands and eye-catching barrettes. From hair combs to graceful feather clips to bobby pins, there are […] More

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    My Spots – A Children’s Book about Vitiligo

    My Spots Book Cover

    Representation of diversity has the power to illuminate cultures and ways of life that were earlier considered unfamiliar. After all, it is essential that the voices of all backgrounds and ethnicities are heard and represented across all art forms. One of the most powerful forms of representation comes in the form of books. However, the […] More

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    Tattooing Vitiligo – Wise or Not Wise?

    vitiligo and tattoo

    Living with vitiligo can be very difficult in today’s social media obsessed world. Since youngsters with vitiligo often experience the fear of being socially rejected, they seek different options like camouflage make-up and/or tattoo to cover their vitiligo, as much as possible. Tattooing on vitiligo patches is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that lasts up to […] More

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    Woman with Vitiligo to run High-Speed Trains in India

    Train driver with vitiligo

    Slowly, but steadily we are inching toward a world where women are no more inferior to man. But, when women with vitiligo are tasked to challenge society’s norms and embrace a profession that involves every day dealing with the public, it gets a little tricky. Countless women with vitiligo in many parts of the world, […] More

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    For Men – What to Wear on a First Date

    Sam Gonçalves'

    Isn’t it usually a given that a lady is expected to dress up and look stunning for her man, and especially so on special occasions such the first date.  Well, let’s admit, the poor guy spends way too much time (and, at times moolah, too) over making this day really beautiful for his lady love. […] More

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    6 ways to find Self-love in Vitiligo

    self-love in vitiligo

    You must have heard your loved ones saying this to you, “If you want to live a better life, just love yourself unconditionally.” If you want to live happier with vitiligo, love yourself before anyone else.” But, is it that easy? Vitiligo is stigmatized and perceived unattractive to such extent that it is difficult for […] More

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