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    World Vitiligo Day 2019 – A Recap

    2019 World Vitiligo Day

    Just like every year, World Vitiligo Day 2019 too brought together many vitiligans, caregivers, physicians, researchers and volunteers under one roof. Those who could not attend a World Vitiligo Day (WVD) conference (organized ‘glocally’) celebrated the day in their individual capacity. We, vitiligo fighters, have been tending to think less of our abilities and discount […] More

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    FAQs | World Vitiligo Day

    FAQs World Vitiligo Day

    Over the last few years, World Vitiligo Day (WVD) has emerged as a day of celebration for the vitiligo community. With each passing year, the annual event is getting bigger and bolder. Today, support for the vitiligo awareness events is huge within the community. While many celebrities have chosen the day to reveal their vitiligo […] More

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    7 Ways to make World Vitiligo Day a Success

    World Vitiligo Day Conference

    While navigating cities, jobs, and universities, we find very few people with a dual skin tone. An event like World Vitiligo Day (WVD) just makes us realize that there are many like us and we are indeed part of a thriving vitiligo community. The more all of us talk about the World Vitiligo Day, one […] More

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    Giraffenmädchen – A Must Read for All German Vitiligo Fighters

    Kirsten Zehler

    The best literature has the ability to make readers consider a new perspective. Thanks to many modern authors who are capable of composing stories that uplift the marginalized. However, it doesn’t excuse the fact that books have been biased to skin diversity. This is one of the reasons why we have hardly seen any character […] More

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    My Vitiligo Story | From Setshaba Mamabolo’s Diary

    Setshaba Mamabolo

    I am currently 27, turning 28 this October. I currently reside in Pretoria, the Capital City of South Africa. Apart from studying Information Technology, I am the Chairperson of the DREAMs RSA NPO. After the last election I managed to retain my role as a chairperson without any challenger. As a Christian, I also sing […] More

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    7 ways to deal with insulting comments in vitiligo

    insulting comments vitiligo

    There must be very few vitiligo fighters who would be unfamiliar with an insult regarding their skin condition. Every now and then, we all have experienced an incident when someone spoke to us with disrespect. That’s not a very pleasant thing, is it? But, what do you do when some insults you and your vitiligo […] More

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    My Vitiligo Story | From JD Danke’s Diary

    JD Danke

    I was three years old when I had my first encounter with vitiligo. As compared to childhood, it was more difficult to deal with vitiligo as a teen. When I was figuring out the world all by myself, it was my family that helped me get through difficult times and bullying. I remember my father […] More

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    Kill ’em with Style! Here are 5 Must-Have Blazers

    Kyra Furlong

    Blazer is one versatile piece of clothing that instantly screams uptown chic and polishes your whole outfit to a new level of elegance. Toss up a well-tailored blazer over just anything and voila, you got perfect outerwear for every occasion. So check out our best picks for five must-have (absolutely!) blazers to help you look […] More

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    My Vitiligo Story | From Jeff Moradel’s Diary

    Jeff Moradel

    I am 26 years old painter and martial artist. I have trained with some of the best martial artists since I was 15 years old. I was born and raised in Kenner, Louisiana. But my roots trace back to Honduras where my parents are from. I developed vitiligo when I was 11 years old. Most […] More

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    All you need to know about Universal Vitiligo

    Universal Vitiligo

    Universal vitiligo is an uncommon type of vitiligo in which more than 80% of the skin is covered in white, milky lesions. It is characterized by the wide distribution of the vitiligo patches throughout the body with only isolated islands of normal pigmentation remaining. Universal vitiligo ultimately leads to complete depigmentation of the skin, mucosa, […] More

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    My Vitiligo Story | From Farhan Litt’s Diary

    Farhan Litt

    Over the years, it has gotten easier to deal with vitiligo mentally. Today, I am living my life to the fullest and I am happy the way life turned out for me. However, it was a different story when I was first diagnosed with the chronic skin disorder. I noticed my first vitiligo patch at […] More

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