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Go Set a Watchman – 5 Reasons Why every Vitiligo Fighter should read it

Go Set a Watchman book

In 1964, Harper Lee published her first novel “To Kill a Mocking Bird” which earned her the Pulitzer Prize. Its protagonist, a lawyer Atticus Finch, emerged out to be the most enduring fictional image of racial heroism. After 55 years Lee has come up with her second novel Go Set a Watchman. The book reconnects its readers to their Hero Atticus Finch, her daughter Scout (Jean Louise) and many of the iconic characters from To Kill a Mocking Bird.

Though said to be the sequel of Lee’s first book, Go Set a Watchman is a stand-alone novel that anyone can pick up. Unite For Vitiligo lists out 5 reasons why you should give this book a chance.

1. Book from a Pulitzer Prize author

Don’t you think it’s so worthy to read a book from the author whose first and the only published book (before this new novel) made her the Pulitzer Prize winner? Harper Lee proved her a superb writer when To Kill a Mocking Bird was published and therefore her second book definitely deserves a look.

2. Tells more about Atticus

All those who have read To Kill a Mocking Bird remember Atticus Finch as a perfect man, a loving father, a brave and a nobleman. Harper Lee through her second book introduces its readers to the other side of Atticus, the side about which the readers were never made aware of in the first book.

3. Highlights some relevant issues with strong messages

This book reopens some relevant political and social issues. Inequality, Injustice, and Racism are some of the social ills that still prevail in today’s world. Who can understand this better than vitiligo fighters. Lee has boldly uncovered these issues with the help of her characters Atticus and her daughter Scout.

4. Sheds light on Father-Daughter relationship

The novel mirrors the hard and real relationship of Atticus Finch and her daughter Jean Louise ‘Scout’ Finch. As a New Yorker, surrounded by the 1950’s racial unrest, Scout inevitably clashes with her father on personal and political issues. She deals with the fact that her father isn’t the hero she thought he was. But excepting each other the way they are deepening their bonding even more.

5. It’s a superbly written novel

“Sometimes we have to kill a little, so we can live”…. this seems to be a nice quote. Right? This is just an example. There are many such unforgettable lines in the novel from which vitiligo fighters can draw inspiration. Harper Lee in this book has beautifully woven words into a classic tale.

If you have been waiting for a novel that will hold your attention until the end, then Go set a watchman is a perfect pick.

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