My Vitiligo Story | From Rohit Dangar’s Diary

Rohit Dangar, a 28 years old Digital Marketer from Gujarat, India, shares his triumph over vitiligo-led despair. Read on to know more.

Rohit Dangar

At 10 years of age, I tripped and fell in a large boiling pot of milk and got burn marks on my skin. I was taken to the hospital for immediate treatment. This is when I spotted the first white patch on my left leg.

In the beginning, I was very concerned about how I looked and what people thought about me and my vitiligo. But as I grew up, I realized that this is just my skin. The ones who care for me never made me feel different because of my condition. My family and close friends always tried to keep me happy and positive. 

Having said that, I also encountered a few people along the way who tried putting me down due to my skin condition. They made fun of me and even said that I can never get a life partner because of my vitiligo. I try to ignore what they say and do not let negative comments get under my skin. At times, instead of fighting back, I approached interest around vitiligo differently. I chose to explain curious minds about what vitiligo is and what it does to you. I war my patches like armor and don’t leave any chance to spread more awareness around it.

I have often seen people with vitiligo pretending to be very proud of their condition. No matter how much positivity they exhibit outside, there is always some amount of sadness they carry inside. Some even try to cover their skin, use different creams, and experiment with their skin tone with tan spray. They don’t understand that all these experiments will not fix their condition but only increase it.

Up until the last 1.5 years, around 95% of my body was affected by vitiligo. Since I started phototherapy treatment, 70% of my patches re-pigmented. Having said that, with or without vitiligo, I have completely accepted who I am, and the way I am. I try to live my life on my own; I love myself and my work. I am a Digital Marketer based in Junagadh City. In my personal capacity, I blog and travel. 

I appreciate the fact that vitiligo is finally being seen in movies and books. It sends out a positive message that we are not alone. There are more people like us, and it is completely fine to be different. However, I believe that we are still very underrepresented in popular culture. This needs to be changed so that we can collectively create more awareness of this condition. 

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