Is Drinking Water from a Copper Vessel effective in Vitiligo?

Copper Vessel water for vitiligo

The number of home remedies for vitiligo may seem endless. However, one vitiligo remedy seems to have stood the test of time. It has been used all over the world and many users of this home treatment have seen some drastic improvements in their vitiligo and leucoderma. The remedy is simply drinking water (in the morning) that has been kept in a copper utensil overnight.

How does copper help to slow down or pause vitiligo?

It has been established in many studies that copper is another cofactor in melanin production, and many individuals with vitiligo are found to have copper deficiency. Besides, it has been observed that nutritional deficiencies often play a key role in altering melanin production. Copper deficiencies have been reported to induce hypopigmentation in various animals (since the copper content of the skin is concentrated mainly in the epidermis).

Certain metal ions including copper and zinc are found in high levels in pigmented tissues involved in melanin synthesis. This can only illustrate copper’s far-reaching effects in vitiligo’s stress-free management.

Treating Vitiligo with Copper Utensils

The copper ions dissolved in the water stimulate the melanocytes into action, increase melanin and re-pigment the skin. In some individuals, the patches become less visible while some have even reported the disappearance of white lesions with regular consumption of copper water. However, these results often vary from person to person. In almost all cases, improvement(s) has been noticed after the continuous consumption of treated water for at least six months.

By storing fresh drinking water and then keeping it overnight in a copper container, one can prepare copper treated water. A pure copper utensil (a copper jug, a copper water bottle or a copper tumbler) can easily be purchased from any online store.

To achieve best results, have the water sit in the copper utensil overnight at room temperature. Remember, chilling or keeping the copper utensil in the fridge depletes the number of copper ions absorbed into the water. Hence, it is best to infuse water at room temperature.

The Last Word

Although the studies that establish a relationship between copper deficiency and pigmentation have been limited by sample size and cross-sectional design, copper vessel water can be consumed to provoke healthy immune system response, which ultimately gets reflected on an individual’s general well being. Apart from boosting skin health and melanin production, drinking copper treated water:

    • Helps the digestive system perform better.
    • Aids weight loss.
    • Initiates faster wound healing.
    • Slows down aging.
    • Fights off free radicals.
    • Helps maintain heart health.
    • Beats hypertension.
    • Minimizes the risk of cancer and anemia.
      • Regulates the working of the thyroid gland.
    • Beats arthritis and inflamed joints.

Hence, it is worth checking if the skin disorder can be slowed down with consuming water stored in a copper vessel. Meanwhile, further studies are desirable to determine the pathological nature of copper status in vitiligo patients.

NOTE: An excess of the mineral is not well received by human anatomy, including copper. Hence, it is recommended to get tested for copper deficiency or sufficiency periodically. It is suggested to maintain a gap of one month after every three months of using the copper vessel. Changing your copper vessels after every quarter is also recommended (though not necessary).

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