Ramy Gamal comes out with vitiligo, asks for acceptance

Ramy Gamal

Ramy Gamal recently disclosed on social media that he has vitiligo. The Egyptian musician and singer wrote on his social space that he has been living with the skin disorder for a year now and tried to treat it with no luck. Ramy poured his heart to his fans, saying that he has been contemplating quitting his career as a singer.

Ramy, in a touching Instagram post and tweet, addressed his attempts to hide and cover up his patches to avoid making those around him feel uncomfortable. This caused a lot of stress in his life. Ironically, many of the people around him advised him to change his career path, assuming that most people will not accept him the way he is. This made Ramy consider retiring.

In the following social post, Ramy revealed how his friends have started treating him differently ever since he came out about his vitiligo to the public. Some didn’t want to shake hands while others asked if his vitiligo was contagious. “There were two options, either I retire from my singing career despite my great passion for it or I accept myself as I am. I am lucky to have a family that provides me with unconditional love and has accepted me no matter what I look like.” Ramy shared a statement.

Thankfully, many fans flooded his twitter and Instagram after this heart-aching post. One fan wrote: “Dude, you have a very nice voice and you are very talented. Vitiligo has nothing to do with what you’re creating as an artist so please hold on, stay strong and keep on sharing your talent. Apart from fans, many known singers (Nancy Ajram, Tamer Hosny, and Ellisa), actors (Rana Samaha, Mohamed El Sharnouby and Rasha Mahdi) and football players (Eslam Mohareb and Amr El Solia) sent Ramy Gamal a message of support.

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