About Us

Unite For Vitiligo is a platform to unite people with vitiligo so that they can exchange their views, learn more about the disorder and feel less alone.

We are an independent group of vitiligo fighters who span a variety of institutions and backgrounds. Driven by the mission to improve the lives of those suffering from the chronic skin disorder, we aspire to keep you informed about latest in the world of vitiligo treatment. To fulfill our mission, we bring together, researchers, inspirational stories, and self-help guides to raise awareness about Vitiligo, and ultimately, find a cure.

We intend to make Unite For Vitiligo a platform of happiness and positive resources. We hope it will inspire, enlighten and educate vitiligo fighters and their loved ones. Explore the website that is built out of genuine love, support, and uplifting energy. Write us an email ( with any comments or suggestions that you may have, to help us improve.

Be comfortable in your skin. We’re glad you found us!

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